During a Tenancy

Inspections and Your Tenancy Records


Periodic Inspections


Periodic (routine) inspections will be undertaken every 3-4 months to monitor the condition of the property and to ensure you are caring for the landlord’s asset.

Your property manager will send you a letter to notify you that we will be inspecting the property within 7 to 14 days and will supply the likely time of this inspection within a 2 hour window.   With this notification we will include the following guide;

This will provide a check list of what we will pay particular attention to at the inspection.

We will also include a ‘Tenant Maintenance Form’ so that anything that requires repair will be reported.

Various photographs will be taken of the property to submit to the landlord but photos of inside will only be taken with your permission.

After the inspection we can report to your landlord what a good tenant you are.


Accessing the Records of your Tenancy

We are investigating a ‘Tenant Login’ for all current tenants of our properties that will give them a unique User Name and Password so they may access all of their payment details and basic lease information.

Our service provider is, however, still working on this and we hope to have it up and running soon.

In the meantime any tenant will be able to request a full list of their rent and water payments at no cost at any time.


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