Download a Lease Proposal

If you wish to lease one of our Commercial properties you must submit a formal Proposal to the Owner

There are so many more variables to leasing a commercial property compared to a residential property.  Renting residential property is tightly controlled by legislation where the only main variables are rent, length of lease, payment arrangements for water usage, care of garden, restriction of pets, areas set aside for the landlords storage and a few other minor things.  But with a commercial property a prospective tenant (Lessee) and landlord (Lessor) have a far greater ability to negotiate the terms and conditions of a lease that will be a better fit for both.

So when applying to lease a commercial property you can set out what you want in a document that is not so much an application as a proposal.  In it you state what you would like then the Lessor, through its agent Lin Andrews Real Estate, might make a counter offer.  The result will be a compromise that best suits everyone.

To download this proposal click on the attachment below.

Commercial Lease Proposal


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