Starting a Tenancy

Signing a Lease, the Bond and the First Inspection Report


Once you have accepted taking on the tenancy of one of our properties the following will need to happen:

  •     The Property Manager will meet up with you to show you the lease document for you to read and sign if it is all in order.
  •     Pay the first 2 weeks rent & bond before you move in.
  •     Allocate a BPay reference number for rent payments
  •     Arrange Utility Connections

After this acceptance and signing of the lease the Property Manager will meet up with you at the property on the day, or the afternoon before, to do the following:

  • Handover two copies of the ‘Property Inspection report’ (Initial Condition Report).   This report will have been compiled by your Property Manager to show, in detail, the condition, and level of cleanliness of the property at the time you moved in.   The Property Manager will ask you to sign the third copy for him to confirm that you have received your copies.
  • Pay the first 2 weeks rent & bond if not already paid otherwise no one will be permitted to move in.
  • Sign a ‘Lodgement of Security Bond Form’ if not signed already.   This records the signatures of all parties against the bond money held by the Tenancies Branch.
  • Assist in photographing the property as an addition to the ‘Property Inspection Report’.  These photos can include curtains, wardrobes, oven, grill, cook top, dishwasher, garages, carports, roller doors, various outdoor items belonging to the property and other key items of interest plus gardens, trees & lawns.  They will assist the owner and the tenant in detailing the condition of the property when the tenancy commenced.


What needs to be done with the Inspection Report

You will need to go over your report in detail, ideally before furniture is moved in within the first 7 days.   If you need to note any comments on the report then keep them to the areas specific to the item you are making the comment on.

You will then need to keep one of these copies for yourself and submit the other identical copy to the Property Manager within 7 days.   They will need to use this one to use as a reference guide on the day you move out.

If when the Property Manager receives your amended report he feels that some comments may be unfair or unrepresentative of the condition of the property when you moved in they might contact you again to clarify.

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