Many of our vendors often ask “should I pay good money to furnish my house or sell it empty?”Styled lounge dine
Almost without exception the furnished home will sell before the unfurnished one.
Only a small percentage of buyers will be able to imagine what an empty home would look like if it were fully furnished.   Usually the buyer will only see problems with an empty house instead of the positive images that a well-furnished home will bring.
The main bug bare for most sellers-is the expense.
Costs to hire furniture from a professional company can cost anything above $1,500 for the first month with a reduced amount for each month after that, depending on the size and number of rooms.   The main issue in making the decision to furnish or not will be whether you gain more money than the expense of furnishing?

Our experience has been that the home will definitely sell faster; saving on interest and other expenses plus it will have the best possible chance of selling for a premium.

At Adelaide South Property we provide you with home styling services that will allow you to market your property effectively, allowing you to showcase the best assets of the property.  Styling your home for sale, using what you have already or renting furniture can allow potential buyers to picture your home at its best.
Recently we appraised a 2 bedroom unit in Hazelwood Park for one of our landlord’s at $320,000 if it was sold as is with the tenants in place.   But they had the tenants move out, replaced the badly crack front verandah and did some paint work.  They didn’t even get the worn out carpet replaced but we still suggested that could increase the price to $345,000 without much bother.
But our landlord went the next mile and got a stylist to furnish throughout and add the finishing touches, but they still left the old carpet.   Then at auction 2 buyers went head to head to bring an amazing $420,000!
Possibly no one could have predicted this but only the superb finish could have accounted for such a phenomenal result.


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