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At Adelaide South Property, we are committed to giving you the highest quality service by constantly exceeding your expectations. We believe in taking care of our clients so that they can achieve financial freedom and to enable them to lead a comfortable lifestyle or retirement.  We believe in innovative solutions to provide outstanding marketing results for your biggest assets.  Above all, with our personal ethnics and maximum effort we will do our very best to achieve the best possible outcome for you.


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Steps you should consider when thinking about Selling Your Home

The first step in selling your home should be to find a suitable real estate agent, someone who can demonstrate that;


  • They have a good understanding of the market in your area,
  • Can establish to your satisfaction that they know the value of your home and
  • Has the ability to market your home in a way that will achieve the best result.


People naturally deal with others who they know, like or trust.

When choosing an agent to sell your property you may become totally frustrated and confused.  Many agents go out of their way to be very nice, seeking to leave a good “first impression” by suggesting expected sale prices that err on the high side irrespective of complications that may arise if the property does not achieve these prices.  This may result in real problems – particularly if you purchase another property in anticipation of a high, yet unrealistic price.

What can a real estate agent do for you that you can’t do for yourself?  Some consider selling their home privately.  This can be a lot of work and requires an understanding of current legislation that not everyone wants to spend the time to master but is there a fundamental difference in what price can be achieved privately compared to hiring an agent.  We believe there is and we consider this question in our post;   PRIVATE SALES CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR WEALTH


As you relocate from that which is familiar to that which is unfamiliar, you are embarking on a course of action which may be quite emotional.  It is important that you select an agent whom you believe to be totally trustworthy in handling your most valuable possession.   Honest communications are essential.  We suggest that during the pre-agency period, you must have sufficient contact with your agent to ensure that your experience will be as smooth and pleasant as possible during the weeks ahead.

The selection of your agent does not have to be based on one isolated contact but may be stretched over many weeks and involve a series of meetings before you make your final decision.

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