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When you’re selling land you obviously don’t have a house to dress up and photograph in 1000 different ways.   All you have is the location.


You need a whole different approach.


First of all because we don’t need to arrange open inspections the agent doesn’t have to spend huge amounts of time going to a block of land.   Once the sign board is in they might never return and this means you can expect a big discount on the commission you pay.

So often we see Internet ads for land that only show a green square with the land dimensions.   This means every buyer has to drive past the land to know what exactly is for sale.   There might be a single photo out the front but what are the neighbours like.   That might sound obvious but it’s also a demonstration of the limits of the way many agents deal with these sales.

It seems as though some agents are completely relying upon their ‘little green’ square to sell the land for them.   This means they need a buyer who has knowledge of the area that is comprehensive enough such that they will be confident to negotiate a sale up to the market value.   For anyone else who is not so confident because they might live interstate or otherwise restricted in time or travel to get to the property then, too bad.


Agents so often forget that we live in an age when we can deliver great realistic images to the buyer from their key board anywhere in the world.

With the right images it’s possible to sell land without any inspection.

But it’s not possible to rely on Google images because you have almost no idea of when they were taken whereas images supplied by the agent come with an implied guarantee that they will not be misleading.

Our goal is, however, not to sell land without an inspection but to make it as easy as possible for the buyer to make a real determination about the immediate location and merits of your land.


Some differences in pricing …

Selling a vacant level single block with good fencing is the simplest type of land sale but both Vendors and Buyers need to be mindful of the variations.

A variation could be the presence of a building.   That sounds as though it’s not a land sale but the house might be as irrelevant to the price as an old tin shed on a development block.  In fact it might mean the buyer has to spend time getting approvals for money for demolition so therefore the presence of a house means the property will sell for sell than land value.   If the house is rentable during the time needed for the purchaser to get approvals the sale price might still only be worth a year’s rent.

Have a look at this case study;



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