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Lin Andrews Real Estate have been selling houses in Noarlunga Downs for the last 40 years and this office has been selling houses in Noarlunga Downs since we opened here in 2005.

Noarlunga Downs is located within 2 kms of some of the best beaches in South Australia and adjacent to the commercial precinct of Noarlunga Centre and its ever popular seaside name sake, Port Noarlunga.   These 3 suburbs along with Port Noarlunga South which is located along the Onkaparinga river and Port Noarlunga / Seaford beach make up the 4 suburbs that get miss named as, ‘Noarlunga’.
So we are here to tell you there is no such place as Noarlunga!
But we can tell you a lot about the 4 individual suburbs that have the word Noarlunga in their name but first of all Noarlunga Downs.

Some basic facts:

Onkaparinga Wetlands

Onkaparinga Wetlands

It is quite small at only approximately 4 square kilometres but this includes 8 parks which cover almost 27% of the total area.  This at least gives some glorious wetland areas which have experienced considerable replanting.   The extension of the trainline to Seaford required a raised bridge over the Onkaparinga wetlands which is quite impressive.
In 2006 the population was 2,551 but by 2011 this had increased by 32% to 3,389 with an average income of $625 per week.   The most common age group is 0 – 14 years and households are primarily couples with children with mortgages that cost them from $1,800 to $2,400 per month.
In 2006 58.1% of homes were owner-occupied which decreased to 57.1% by 2011

The new Onkaparinga Train Bridge

The new Onkaparinga Train Bridge








The table below reveals some interesting statistics about the real estate market in 2014


Measurement Houses Units
Median Value $289,497 $281,382
Median Weekly Rent (Gross) $320 $245
Suburb Rental Yields 5.27 % 4.55 %
Annual Number Of Sales 58 9
Average Vendor Discounting 0.19 % -1.74 %
Average Listing Duration 70 days 56 days

You will see there is not a great price difference between the average house and unit yet the rent return is massively higher for homes.  And remember that homes do not have to pay a quarterly levy toward the Strata or Community management company.

Vendor discounting refers to the amount the original sale price is reduced in order to get a sale.   Reducing a house sale by 0.19% would only represent a discount of about $550 which is almost insignificant.   Alternatively units were getting higher offers than what was advertised and at 1.74% this amounts to about $4,896 which reflects a higher demand for units.  This higher demand can relate to the relatively lower percentage of units in southern suburbs compared to inner city suburbs.  On the face of it units can sound like attractive as an investment but it is the lower rent and quarterly levies that take the edge off.

Units remain popular because there remains a section of the population that prefers smaller yards and who don’t need the extra bedroom or storage space.   Nevertheless the increase in popularity of newly constructed 3 bedroom courtyard homes built on small community title or torrens title allotments that largely eliminate quarterly levies are beginning to take over.

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