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Find out how much rent you could get for your home or unit

You can request an appraisal of your property by asking for either;

  1.   A Property Manager to come to do an on-site appraisal or
  2.   Have contact restricted to online only


      1.   On-site appraisal, (we come to you)

A quick meeting with one of our Property Managers will tell you what you need to do to rent your home, unit or apartment.

We will need to see the property and find out from you what you want to achieve.

We can tell you the current rental value and the best way for you to get the result you want.     And if you want to go a step further then tell us your plans and your goals and we will endeavour to objectively advise you how to get there.

Speak to the people that can steer you in the right direction.


       2.    On-line appraisal, (by email contact only)

If you have only just started thinking about finding a tenant but don’t want to commit to anything or  if you are only curious about what rent you could get and don’t want real estate agents chasing after you then take up our option of getting an appraisal all on-line.

If you wish to restrict our contact to on-line only then it becomes more important to give us as much detail about your property as possible.   After we have sent you our report you may even decide to send us photos so we can reconsider our initial appraisal;  it’s up to you.


Whichever way you want this appraisal done, either on-site or on-line we invite you to fill in the form below so that we can get things started.

Just remember if you don’t want anyone to come to your property don’t include your telephone numbers.



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Foreign Buyers Couple buying a house Financial Freedom
Foreign Buyers Couple buying a house Financial Freedom Free Appraisal
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