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How long will your Home take to Rent?

Generally if you have a property that is well presented, in a good location and correctly priced it will take about 4 weeks to rent.  But it can be as little as 2 weeks.

You can probably change everything except the location so look to a good Property Manager who can correctly advise you on the presentation and a good market rent to achieve a quick letting.

Location problems could refer to a property that is comparatively isolated or maybe has a driveway leading onto a busy intersection or just on a very noisy road but if considered carefully any handicap of this nature can be largely overcome.


The Most Important Question:   Can you find a Good Tenant?

We believe that a good home will find a good tenant; you just have to allow a bit of time for that to happen.   And if you can allow this short investment of time you will reap the dividends for what could be many years.

This is true to a large extent but not the whole story.   Given the resources and the ability to pick and choose prospective tenants a good Property Manager can find you a good tenant for ANY PROPERTY.

There are a few steps that EVERY Property Manager from EVERY different Real Estate company will take to find a good tenant including;

Visiting the property with the prospective tenant, observe them, their car and everyone with them including their attitude whilst promoting the benefits of your property.

Once having collected the completed application form then proceed to check the references giving special attention to:-

•    Employers.
•    Past landlords.
•    Personal references.
•    Parental (or other) guarantees (if applicable).
•    Specific Mercantile Credit Check System.
•    TICA Tenant Register – for tenants with poor rental history.
•    Applicants need to satisfy a 100 point identification requirement


For the rest of this story we need to talk to you.


Starting the Process of finding a Good Tenant

Firstly, it’s all about presentation because, as we said earlier, ‘A good home will attract good people’.

The better the presentation, the better the quality of tenant you will get so consider this list as a start;

•    Outside areas, paving, gardens, lawns, shrubs etc are tidy and trimmed with lawns mowed and edged.
•    All outside painted areas are presentable.
•    Inside areas are cleaned, including walls, stove, shower and flooring.
•    Consider how clean windows are.
•    All appliances-stove, hot water service, air-conditioners, heaters, ceiling fans and all electrical wiring, power points etc. are in good working order.
•    All blinds and curtains are clean and in good working order.
•    Carpets are professionally cleaned.


You should consider open inspections for rentals in much the same way as you would for sales.   Remember that in a rental situation you might have these people in your home for many years.

Have a look at our attached brochure for preparing your home for a sale; the same lessons can be applied to rentals.

Presenting your Home for Photography


Starting Advertising

Once we have taken photos of your home and garden we will load them onto the internet along with a description setting out all the features.   These ads will appear on a number of different websites including;

If it is done right we should get a positive response very quickly to arrange an inspection of your home for prospective tenants.


To begin the process of finding out what we can do you may like to request a no obligation consultation.  If so then please ring us on (08) 8186 2777 or use the contact form below and someone from our office will be in touch.

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