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Making the big impression can be easier than you think


There are so many things you can do to your home prior to selling but have a look at these suggestions;

Basic Repairs

Most buyers will often conduct pest and building inspections by professionals who sometimes like to enhance their reputation by being particularly critical of properties so be mindful of how your home will appear to an independent eye.

You might not be able to afford bigger renovations, or maybe you don’t need to get anything major done, but many repairs can be simple.   Replacing taps and door handles can make a big difference.


Not every home requires new paint,  but in this market with current expectations on decor dark feature walls or pink or blue kids rooms are not at all popular.   It may benefit greatly from repainting a few select areas with light neutral colours.

When buyers see outside paint that is deteriorating they get the feeling a property has not been cared for so some attention to detail will pay off.   Flaky paintwork should be sanded back and repainted

Clean & Declutter

Your current furniture arrangement may be good for you now, but think how a buyer will see it.   Remove or move pieces of furniture that clutter the home or won’t allow for prospective buyers to move freely.   People like a sense of space and a house with too much furniture, no matter how big it is, will always feel small.

Regardless of want improvements you can do to your home prior to a sale it is essential to be able to do a basic clean up and the key word is, declutter!

We have attached a downloadable PDF with a checklist of things that you can do.

Presenting your home for Photography


Enhance the natural lighting that you have but if artificial lighting is used correctly, such as a desk or bedside lamp, you can create a wonderful feeling in the home.

Light neutral colours will increase the apparent illumination but a darker feature wall can add a feeling of privacy in select areas where appropriate.

Change your furniture

You can borrow furniture or artwork that you think might make a difference but it you have the money it could be worth considering to …


It is far better to be able to show your home with furniture rather than empty.

It helps potential buyers to work out if their belongings will fit.   If you leave it up to their imagination or if they come without a tape measure they could just as easily move on to the next place.

Hiring furniture could make the difference but by hiring a Property Stylist you have the potential to reap huge dividends.

We recommend, however, that you contact us for more specific advice on your situation before proceeding down this path as it is all too easy to over-capitalize.

If you want to see an example of what two of our Vendors did with their homes have a look at the following two articles;




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