Marketing to Sell or Lease


Advertising and other Marketing to Sell or Lease your Commercial Property


To either sell or lease your commercial property we have at our disposal a range of marketing tools that can include:

1.    Internet
2.    Signboards
3.    Letterbox drops
4.    Message Alerts & Direct mailing to data bases
5.    Press ads
6.    Brochures
7.    Video


1.    Internet

This is by far the most popular method of advertising because it reaches everyone with a computer or smart phone who is actively searching for properties to buy.

We will list all properties on the following websites;


Some vendors will attempt to sell using only internet advertising in order to save money, and it can work, but often the end result will take longer to achieve and you will never know if you missed a very eager buyer who just happened not to be actively searching the ‘net’ at the time you were selling.

This leads naturally to the other forms of advertising options available.


2.    Signboards

Signboards are perhaps more important for commercial properties compare to residential because of the tendency for potential tenants to ‘scout’ around looking for suitable locations.   An Internet or press ad can never relay all the information they may need to help them decide where their future business is going to be located for the next 10 years or more.

Big signs are the popular option, especially on main roads and roads with higher speed limits and larger daily traffic flows where a passing motorist may have only seconds to spot your sign and read the contact details.

They will display crucial information such as;

•    Type of building (warehouse, retail, office, workshop etc)
•    Floor area in square meters
•    Basic list of amenities
•    Key features
•    Carparking
•    Site area in square meters
•    Contact details

Click on this link to an example of a sign:             8′ x 4′ COMMERCIAL SIGNBOARD

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3.    Letterbox Drops

Like signboards these are essential to engage the local community.

A sign can only ‘speak’ to those who travel past your property but a DL leaflet can be dropped into 200 properties nearby with a covering letter alerting them to the availability of your property


4.    Message Alerts & Direct Mailing to data bases

See can send email alerts to our considerable data base of every new property that is listed.

People who have expressed an interest in property will contact us to find out what we have on the market or what will come on soon.

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5.    Press Advertising

Even with the ever increasing popularity of the Internet press ads continue to receive attention.   The Commercial Properties section in The Advertiser on a Tuesday will receive regular patronage from all manner of business people.

Local press does not have anywhere near the same patronage.


6.    Brochures

Although not always used in smaller leasings these can be a very important document.   They will be mailed as a hard copy or emailed as a PDF attachment to those people who may enquire about your property before committing to attend an inspection.

And like a signboard the brochure will include crucial information needed by the future owner or tenant including for future lease preparation.   This will also include a detailed floor plan & site plan which become the centre piece in setting out an accurate record of the lettable size of the building and site which will be used in calculating rent.

Brochures typically come as either a double sided A4 as seen in the link below;

A4 FOR LEASE brochure

or if there is a lot more information that is relevant the brochure can be an A3 folded into a 2 double sided A4’s

A3 Commercial FOR SALE brochure

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7.    Video

Although less popular for commercial properties lifting the presence of your property above the crowd can have so much to offer that any number of still photos just don’t do it justice and sometimes it is only video that will give someone browsing your advertisement a clear understanding of what you have.

So we can organise a walk-through video of the best features of the site including commentary that will be linked to Internet advertisement and will appear on Youtube.

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To begin the process of finding out what we can do you may like to request a free no obligation appraisal.  If so then please ring us on (08) 8186 2777 or use the contact form below and someone from our office will be in touch.

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