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What happens when we come to see you

When you contact us to ask for an appraisal we will endeavour to arrange a time when we can meet you at your property at a time that suits you.

Our intention will be to find out the bigger picture of what you want to achieve and when you want to do it. If this leads to seriously considering putting your home on the market we then we will discuss what your expectations are.

Many people become totally frustrated when having their property appraised. Agents can appear to pressure them into making a decision to list their home to sell with them immediately. But we will try to be different.

Maybe after our visit you will decide that selling is not for you or maybe you will go down this path later; that’s all fine because we can keep in contact with you in the future to see how your plans are going.


But if you decide to go to the next step we will show you:-

• A print-out of every sale in your street (or close vicinity) for the past two years.
• A print-out of every sale in your district for the past twelve months.

We will also discuss with you recent market trends and other factors that may impact upon the sale price your property is likely to achieve.

Armed with these facts you are in a position to know the true value of your property.


We will then have a free and open discussion as to:

• The best method of marketing your property whether for a specific price, a price range, by expression of interest or whether by public auction

• The most appropriate brochures, signage and advertising to be used in marketing your property. (Please go to the next page: ADVERTISING YOUR HOME.)

• Open inspection arrangements and how to prepare your property. We believe in opening a residential property every weekend until sold – we do not want the property to “go stale”. Commercial property will require a different approach to be used. BUT YOU WILL HAVE THE LAST WORD ON WHAT HAPPENS IN YOUR HOME.


This appraisal may result in suggestions to optimise the potential price that will be achieved such as;

• Upgrades being initiated prior to marketing
• A touch up of paint work
• De-cluttering
• Or don’t touch a thing



In conclusion, the market appraisal should be a pleasant experience which assists you to see all the potential that your property offers.


To begin the process of finding out what we can do you may like to request a free no obligation appraisal.  If so then please ring us on 8186 2777 or use the contact form below and someone from our office will be in touch.

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