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Zero Tolerance for Rent Arrears

Late payment of rent is a very serious matter and constitutes a breach of the Lease conditions.

We insist that rent is paid on time. At Adelaide South Property we work to ensure rent is kept up to date through early intervention strategies which involve personally contacting tenants who are in arrears instead of only sending standard reminder letters which are commonly ignored.

Once the matter proceeds beyond reminder texts, phone calls and home visits we strictly follow the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act in taking this matter before the South Australian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (SACAT),  to seek immediate eviction, release of the bond and reimbursement of all additional costs.

Most often through mediation and if necessary a Tribunal hearing a strict payment plan will be set up which will be monitored by the Tribunal.  We also seek your input at this time on how you wish to proceed.


Industry standard for tenants 7+ days behind in rent – 60% of agents have more than 3%

Adelaide South Property’s average percentage of tenants 7+ days behind in rent for the financial year 2014/15 was just                                                                1.0%



Extreme Debt Recovery

If the tenant were to continue to avoid the direction of the Tribunal, even following eviction, they will be at risk of having their details entered on the TICA Tenancy Database which could seriously affect their chances of getting future quality rental properties.

A demand can be pursued against the tenant in SACAT to seek a judgement against them for any outstanding debt.

Although this whole scenario may rarely happen where your Property Manager takes the time to select a good tenant we nevertheless recommend that for peace of mind all Landlords have ‘Landlord Protection Insurance’.

Where a tenant continues to refuse to pay a lawful debt the matter can be brought before the Magistrates Court.   Any refusal to follow the direction of the Magistrates Court can result in the tenant being sentenced for up to 40 days prison for contempt of court and a default will be registered on the tenant’s credit file which can seriously affect their ability to obtain future credit.

The claim against the tenant can be increased to include normal court costs.


Landlord Insurance

We strongly recommend that you have landlord insurance cover in place as this will cover a period of loss of rent and malicious damage of your property.

We are representatives for;


Property Insurance Plus                                                     Terri Scheer Insurance Pty Ltd

1300 307 072                                                                         Ph 1800 804 016                                        


Both of these companies do not have an excess for loss of claims for rent and will allow you to use the bond for any uninsured losses.

We recommend that you contact any insurance company or broker to make your own enquires but first read the Policy Disclosure Statements that accompany their policies before making a decision to purchase.


Routine Inspections

To ensure your property is continuing to be cared for, we monitor the condition of your property through written room-by-room property inspection reports at regular programmed inspections.

Our Property Managers will inspect your property four times a year on a Programmed Inspection Basis.  At this time a written report will be forwarded to you so that you are kept informed of the condition of your property and of any ongoing maintenance concerns.

Each inspection is carried out after notifying the tenant in writing of the proposed inspection when we supply them with a check list of what will most likely need attention and the standard we expect.


Repairs and Maintenance

When the tenant reports a maintenance issue or a problem is noticed during an inspection your Property Manager will notify you and seek approval for repairs.

We have a large range of repairers and trades people, many of who have been working with our company for many years, and have given us very loyal, quality and cost effective service.   To view these go to:



After Hours and Late Night Problems

Ideally, maintenance will be dealt with quickly during working hours, but emergencies do sometimes happen outside normal office hours.

After hours and late night problems are dealt with “in house”.  Whenever possible we will contact the landlord (or their nominated authorised representative) to discuss the problem and agree the most appropriate resolution process.  However, if we cannot make contact and the issue is critical, we will initiate short-term actions to minimise damage to your asset and to protect your legal liability.

Ideally we will always strive to deal with these matters on the next working day unless it is an unavoidable emergency.


Water Charges

Generally the landlord will pay SA Water invoices and we will then seek reimbursement from the tenant for the portion they owe.

If you receive the SA Water invoice direct, you will need to forward us a copy so that we can charge the tenant otherwise, ideally, we will arrange for SA Water invoices to be sent to us directly.

Agreed water payment arrangements are documented in the management agreement and/or lease.

From 1st March 2014 the Residential Tenancies Act permitted Landlords to recover from the Tenant the SA Water quarterly supply charge plus all usage charged on a daily basis where there is a single water meter.   If more than one residence is serviced by a single meter that proportion of the total charge may be recovered from each resident.

Please speak to one of our Property Managers for specific information on your circumstances.


Landlord Rights & Responsibilities

Landlord rights and responsibilities are explained in detail in the Residential Tenancies Act but as a basic summary they are as follows:-

  1. Provide the premises in a clean and reasonable state
  2. Maintain and repair the premises at the lease start and during the lease.
  3. Ensure that the tenant is given reasonable peace, comfort and privacy whilst living in the premises.
  4. Pay council rates and taxes
  5. Provide and maintain locks to ensure the premises are secure

We also strongly recommend that you keep the property insured including Public Liability and Landlord Insurance!

You also have the right to inspect the property, but appropriate notice must be given to the tenant first.  The amount of notice required is spelled out in the Act,  please consult your Property Manager.


Selling During a Lease

You are quite at liberty to sell your rental property at any time.

Naturally, the tenant’s Lease cannot be changed, and the property will need to be sold with the Lease (and tenant) intact, unless we can negotiate a compromise with the tenant.  This does not usually present any difficulty but if you would like to discuss this then please contact us.

If you wish to sell your property, your Property Manger will refer you to our Sales Department, and our expert sales staff will be able to appraise your home and advise you of the best method of sale.

Our staff are highly trained and skilled in negotiating with tenants to gain their co-operation during the selling period.  Whilst it can be of some inconvenience to the tenant, we have always found a way around the problem.


When Your Tenant Vacates

When a tenant vacates, the Adelaide South Property team follow step by step guidelines to facilitate the re-letting of your property.

Firstly a copy of the property’s vacating condition report is supplied to the outgoing tenant. This document details the condition of the property and outlines our expectations regarding the condition the property how it needs to be left on vacating.  We are also able to send your tenant copies of the photos taken on the day they moved into your home where there is some cause for disagreement. This process can ensure a much smoother final inspection.

Once the tenant has vacated, a thorough item-by-item, room-by-room report is completed by the property manager. All cleaning and maintenance issues are addressed and resolved prior to the bond being refunded.

During this time and generally beginning 28 days before your current tenant vacates we will be advertising your home and showing it to new prospective tenants.

The team at Adelaide South Property aims to make the transition from tenant to tenant as smooth as possible, and looks to get a new tenant immediately thus minimising any loss of rental income.



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