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If you have ever struggled to understand the best way to setup an investment property or how to manage a rental property then our Investor Support Service is being been set up with you in mind.


To have decided that buying an investment property can be the first step in finding financial freedom is awesome but to know the next step from there can be daunting.   Oh to have the benefit of experience or the wisdom of those who have gone before.   Just two heads are better than one so what about a group of like minded people with a common goal and Adelaide South Property as host at no cost or obligation.

We are starting up a group with the object of meeting twice a month for education in all matters relating to investment in residential real estate, taxation and property management.   We will have specialist guest speakers including wise words from those who have done it all before and an opportunity for anyone to speak in a non judgemental environment.   We can all learn from each other.

It will give you an opportunity to air your problems with a hope of getting real solutions maybe with your current tenants.   This is not going to be a clever ruse for a real estate company to get more clients.   You can come along even if you are a landlord who has a Property Manager with a different real estate company we will not be pressuring you to sign up with us, you can come and go as you please.

What is our motivation?   That is a good question because until you know the bias or agenda (hidden or otherwise) of an individual or company you really don’t understand what they are all about.

If we can guide our future landlords to buy the RIGHT properties and set things up properly from the beginning we will have done them a major service and would have made life so much simpler and more profitable for ourselves.   But if others just take this knowledge elsewhere then that is ok as well.

We have been in the business since 2005 and have seen every sort of mistake made that can be made.   We have seen how to do it, how not to do it and how we thought we would have liked to do it if we could.   As Property Managers we have seen much from the sidelines and feel like we have the benefit of hindsight and foresight and now we think we have earned the right to tell others the right sight.

At the moment we are looking for a suitable venue and until we can get the numbers who are interested in attending regular meetings we thought it would be a great way to start by producing videos on the kind of subjects investors are interested in.


If you see anything you like send us a message using the form below and give us some ideas.   Or if you just want us to notify you of news on the group or when new items are posted please let us know.


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