Final Inspection and Bond

Organising a cleanup of the property, Final Inspection and return of Bond


When you decide to vacate the property you will need to contact the Property Manager in advance and organise a time for you both to meet for the final inspection and hand back of the property.

A detailed inspection report is completed when you first enter the property then again on departure.

Vacating the property at the end of your lease will require you to arrange a thorough clean.    If the property is not thoroughly cleaned at the time you vacate a claim may be made against your bond to recover the cost of any work that is required.

We have attached a checklist below listing the things you will need to pay special attention to at the clean up plus a list of cleaners and gardeners who can do a good job for a good price however you are not obliged to use any of these people or companies.

Once you have removed all belongings from the property and thoroughly cleaned up the inside of the house and yards you will need to contact your Property Manager to arrange a ‘Final Inspection’ to go through the property and hand over the keys & remote controls.




Please note:

If the property is not thoroughly cleaned & gardens tidied in accordance with the First Inspection Report you will not be given another chance to clean again and additional work will be charged to your expense.

During the shorter winter days we recommend that power to the property be left on until the final inspection is completed.

We also recommend that special attention be made not to deposit rubbish, green waste and recyclables in the incorrect bins otherwise these may have to be emptied separately at your expense.

Finalising the Bond

Once the final inspection has been completed the Agent/Landlord will assess what is owed such as;

Final days of rent
Final water usage & supply charges
Any outstanding invoices or charges
Any additional cleaning & gardening

The Agent/Landlord will then send you a ‘Security Bond Refund Form’ and an attaching letter detailing this claim along with any invoices as substantiation.   If it all appears in order then you only need to sign in the spaces highlighted and return the form to Consumer and Business Services at the address indicated below.

If there are any disputes you may contact;

Consumer and Business Services

GPO Box 965, Adelaide   SA 5001

91 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA 5000   Office hours: 9 am – 5 pm

Telephone: 131 882



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