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Getting an Agent to buy a property on your behalf

We can find you a house, apartment or land that fits your wish list.

If you are living interstate or overseas or simply don’t have the time to look for a house to buy you can instruct us to act for you as buyer’s agents

The house could be for a place to live for yourself or maybe you are looking for an investment property but whichever it is we can work to a specific shopping list to find you the perfect place.


Looking for a place for you to live in?

You can instruct us to act for you as buyer’s agents to search for a home you are going to need that will meet a number of criteria.   It could be that you need to be close to your future place of work, close to parents or close to schools for your kids.

You might also have in mind a very specific style of house and you just don’t have the time to look at every property that comes on the market to see if it is the one.   Maybe your range of preferred homes is so narrow that you need someone to alert you to everyone that pops up from time to time.


Looking for a residential investment property?

Are you only looking for an investment property that meets some very detailed list of specifications in a specific area that has to be purchased within a certain price range that will return a specific rent?   The possibilities are endless but if we think they are  not achievable we will certainly let you know and steer you into some more profitable avenues.

As buyer’s agents the range of possibilities for our services are almost endless.


Need some expert advice & guidance?

We can find a commercial property, inspect, supply a report with photos then give you advice on the cost per square metre rent it will bring and the resultant rate of return it will give you.

And in considering the viability of a residential investment you will need to look at a whole range of things from the ongoing maintenance the property will need to the amount of depreciation you can expect to claim from your tax.

Have a look at what one of our satisfied clients says about us;

We met Mark when we went “house hunting” in Adelaide from WA. We had a very short break and a list of about 15 possible houses to see. He was selling a house on behalf of a vendor who was from WA as well – fancy that!  It was during the purchase of our investment property that we became so impressed with his integrity that we retained him as the property manager. We are very happy with the way he organised an improvement project for us – that’s way more than you can expect from any real estate agent here in Perth. I believe that our tenant is happy as well.   When we got to buying an investment property for our SMSF, we were not in the position to hop on the plane and go to Adelaide due to our work commitments. We discussed it and decided to engage Mark as our Buyer’s Agent. We gave Mark a set of very rigid conditions that would satisfy the Trustees. I guess it wasn’t an easy task – every time that something that appeared to be suitable came online, Mark had to go and inspect the property, take photos, and write a very comprehensive report (with all the pros and cons, but without pushing his opinion on us). I honestly believe that, as Trustees, we couldn’t have made a better move; having a Buyers’ agent saved as from all the possible pitfalls of making an “investment by remote”, plus quite a bit of cash. We ended up putting an offer on a 100% match to our requirements – Mark haggled on our behalf and got the price down even more. We engaged him as a property manager for this property as well, and it was tenanted within a week.  We are so fed up here, in Perth, with greedy, dishonest, shonky real estate agents that we are naturally highly apprehensive and biased against representatives of this occupation. I am happy to say that Mark presented a very different face of the industry. If all real estate agents in SA are like him – well done South Australia!

Olga Tsurikov & Calytrix Superfund / Stoneville WA  


Whatever you want a buyer’s agent to do give us a ring on (08) 8186 2777 or contact us using the form below;




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Foreign Buyers Couple buying a house Financial Freedom Free Appraisal