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Types of Advertising and Marketing available


Real Estate Agents like to call this process ‘Marketing’ as it can involve a number of different advertising options which can include;

1.    Internet
2.    Signboards
3.    Letterbox drops
4.    Message Alerts & Direct mailing to data bases
5.    Press ads
6.    Brochures
7.    Video
8.    Aerial Photography
9.    Social Media


1.    Internet

This is by far the most popular method of advertising because it reaches everyone with a computer or smart phone who is actively searching for properties to buy.

We will list all properties on the following websites;

By far the most popular site is

But it is not just a matter of getting some pleasant photos and putting them on the net; you need to think about what you should do to make it stand out from the rest.

Some vendors will attempt to sell using only internet advertising in order to save money, and it can work, but often the end result will take longer to achieve and you will never know if you missed a very eager buyer who just happened not to be actively searching the ‘net’ at the time you were selling.

This leads naturally to the other forms of advertising options available.


2.    SignboardsDemo photo of signboard 640x480

A signboard will attract those who live nearby, people who may just happen to be passing and it will introduce your home to those who are searching it out for a closer look.   It will reveal the assets and best features of your home to those who stand outside still deciding if they will venture further.

Many times a property will be purchased by someone who lives quite local, someone who regularly travels on your street and by those keen to find a home near to their elderly relative or other family member.

A major function of a signboard is being able to show the best features of a home which are not visible by any passing observer.  The house shown here is a good example;  it looks very uninteresting from outside but the photos and floor plan reveal some surprises not expected in the area.

We have a variety of sign options to suit your budget but all come with full colour photos at no extra cost.

Our most common sign board is 8′ high x 4′ wide

Signboard 8’x4′

Larger signs are ideal for larger properties or where more room is needed to get the message across

Biggest Signboard 12′ x 8′


3.    Letterbox Drops

Like signboards these are essential to engage the local community.

A sign can only ‘speak’ to those who travel past your property but a DL Flyer can be dropped into the letterboxes of 400 properties nearby with a covering letter alerting them to your sale.

DL Just Listed Flyer


4.    Message Alerts & Direct Mailing to data bases

We can send email alerts to our considerable data base of every new property that is listed.

People who have expressed an interest in property will contact us to find out what we have on the market or what will come on soon.   They will also give us their ‘wish list’ in the hope that someone can find their dream property.

We can also advise them of open inspections as they approach.


5.    Press Advertising

Since the advent of the internet and its ever increasing popularity press advertising has without a doubt taken a back seat but it still remains a relevant tool in our marketing arsenal.

All properties can benefit from even a single ad in either The Advertiser or in some of the local Messenger newspapers that coincides with an Open Inspection.   There remains a section of the population who will always defer to the hard copy newspapers for information on properties for sale and ,not only the elderly, who some may believe are not be as ‘internet savvy’, but those of us who simply like the relaxation of looking through the paper whilst having a morning coffee, young business people included.

The press also remains a way of contacting those of us who are not actively looking for a home or investment to buy but who may respond when their interest is sparked by a particular ‘image’ of your home in the location they like.

More unusual or character properties can also benefit from press advertising.


6.    Brochures

These will be mailed as a hard copy or emailed as a PDF attachment to those people who may enquire about your home before committing to attend an inspection, this is particularly true of country buyers who will carefully plan their trip to Adelaide with a full itinerary.

And for all those people who attend an open inspection it is critical to ensure they have a brochure given to them because often this will be their only reminder of your property among all those they had seen that weekend.

The brochure will typically include the following details;

•    The full address of your home
•    Brief description with key features like number of bedrooms, land size etc.
•    Dot points of the key features of the building, land & surrounding area that will affect a potential buyers interest
•    A selection of photos showing the best features
•    Floor plan with approximate room sizes.
•    Site plan ( if land size is large & contains a number of outbuildings, pool, tennis court etc )

Brochures typically come as either a double sided A4 as seen in the link below;

A4 Brochure

or if there is a lot more information that is relevant the brochure can be an A3 folded into a 2 double sided A4’s.  In the example below there are actually 3 properties next to each other that are for sale;



7.    Video

Many properties have so much to offer that any number of still photos just don’t do it justice and sometimes it is only video that will give someone browsing your advertisement a clear understanding of what you have.

So we can organise a walk-through video of the best features of your home and we can even add a commentary by the selling agent or other media personality.   These videos are linked to your add and will appear on Youtube and can often be responsible for increasing interest many times over.

Video options are varied so they can be tailored to any budget.  Cost can often be less than a single press ad.

Have a look at a few examples:   YouTube


8.   Aerial Photography

For as little as $200 we can use a drone to get the most flattering perspective of your home.

These photos can really show how large your block is or maybe they will emphasize its position over cliffs, views to the sea or just how secluded and private your home is.



9.   Social Media

Facebook and other forms of social media are having an ever growing affect on our everyday lives and this includes real estate.   If you want a sale you have to engage with people where they are and a very large number of people have things like Facebook and Twitter accounts.

But the good thing is that for very little outlay we can create a ‘buzz’ about your home that will get many thousands of extra ‘hits’ on our internet advertising sites.

And if your property appeals to the many international buyers in the market then our access to the Chinese version of Facebook can create unprecedented interest.



So having seen the types of Advertising available the question remains, which ones will you need for your home?  Not all will be necessary for every property.  It can come down to working out who will be the most likely type ( or profile ) of person, or company, that will eventually become your buyer.

This is where our experience comes in.

Have a look at the following article:     BEST SELLERS TIP


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