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The parent company of Danster Pty Ltd has operated since 1st November 2005 when it began as a family owned Lin Andrews Real Estate franchise office.   As the first 10 years approached we found our priorities diverging from those of the Lin Andrews Group so we felt it was time to make a break.

With Lin Andrews moving closer to commercial real estate we felt that the interests of our landlords and vendors would be better served by an agency committed to the things that they valued.

We therefore changed our trading name to ADELAIDE SOUTH PROPERTY and realigned our brand.


We now offer the following services:



 To facilitate investment in property as a store of wealth and as a resource to enrich the lives of people.

And in our efforts to make this happen we commit to making




As people who love the South we wish to see our customers succeed and to develop a life for themselves here.


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Mark Nielsen
Director of Adelaide South Property
0414 969 490

Cheryl Lee
Senior Property Consultant 0406 277 701













Company Training
and frog cake admiration session



But if we gloss over how this change happened and we ignore all the arguments, fisticuffs and tears then the photo below at least shows how it all finished;   with handshakes and appreciation all round.   Please ignore my expression, I was caught between a sneeze, a blink and waiting for the photo; I was actually quite happy.

We wish Lin Andrews and all the staff the best future.


Franchise end photo 12-10-15 - 800x600



Foreign Buyers Couple buying a house Financial Freedom
Foreign Buyers Couple buying a house Financial Freedom Free Appraisal
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